Navigating your New Normal

The Better Approach

Serving divorcing homeowners and the family law community. I fiercely advocate for your family’s best interests & your financial future with integrity and neutral client-centered representation.

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Navigating your New Normal

The Better Approach

Headshot of Meleah Wehman, CDRE

Serving divorcing homeowners and the family law community. I fiercely advocate for your family’s best interests & your financial future with integrity and neutral client-centered representation.

Be in the Know

Stay updated on Austin real estate data, news and trends.

What is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®)?

A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®) is a licensed Realtor and neutral third party expert who has completed specialized training by the Ilumni Institute in the intersection of real estate and divorce.

This training includes an in-depth understanding of the legal and financial aspects of divorce, as well as specialized techniques for managing the emotional complexities of selling a home during a divorce.  Most often, the marital home is the largest and most important asset to be negotiated.  It deserves expert treatment.

The CDRE® designation signifies that the real estate agent has the knowledge and expertise to assist divorcing couples in navigating the unique challenges of the real estate aspect of their divorce, and can help them achieve a successful outcome that best serves their needs and interests.

A CDRE® must have a demonstrated track record of success and maintain a clean disciplinary record. To earn the CDRE® designation, the Realtor must complete a rigorous certification program taught by a faculty of legal, financial, and real estate experts, including attorneys, mediators, mortgage professionals, and judicial officers through the Ilumni Institute.

Furthermore, annual coursework and certification renewal is mandatory for maintaining the CDRE® credential.

Without a trained and specialized expert handling the real estate piece of your divorce:

  • Conflict can escalate
  • Communication and direction can be lost
  • Time is wasted
  • Neutrality is compromised
  • Attorney fees can escalate
  • Equity is diminished

Who I Am

Image of Meleah Wehman, CDRE
My name is Meleah Wehman, and I am a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®), specializing in the sale of real property in family law cases.  My legal and psychology background, along with years of experience in real estate, allow me to advise my clients on the long-term effects of their real estate decisions.

Having gone through divorce myself, I understand how overwhelming and complex the experience can be.  It involves critical decisions, careful planning and adapting to changing circumstances.   On top of that, selling a home during a divorce can be an emotionally charged and significant financial decision.  It’s crucial to work with a real estate agent who has the expertise and experience to navigate the intersection of family law and real estate, advocate for your best interests, and maximize the proceeds from the sale, all while minimizing conflict, stress and legal expenses.

I’m passionate about helping clients navigate through divorce with a plan, proven structure, accurate information, with the goals of adding value, clarity and peace of mind throughout the process.   This unique listing model helps uncoupling and divorcing clients gain closure with a more positive, accurate perspective of the future.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss viable options and connect you with other valuable divorce resource professionals

Image of Meleah Wehman, CDRE

How I Help

Together, we will approach the real estate component of your divorce with a trusted, systematic and organized method, providing you with:

Clear Understanding of Options

Saved Time & Money

Less Stress & Conflict

Support & Resources

An Effective Plan

Greater Peace of Mind


Control over Your Future

Client-Centered Service

Image of Realty Austin/Compass Realty Realtor Meleah Wehman standing outside front door closeup

My goal is to ensure a smoother, more effective path for divorcing homeowners to achieve closure with less conflict and loss of resources, so that they may look accurately and stronger to the future through:

• Specialized Training

• Neutral, Unbiased Representation

• Unique Divorce Listing Process and Timeline

• Protocols regarding Sale Sabotage and Challenges

• Enhanced Custom Marketing

• Effective Communication

• Court Order Review and Adherence

Image of Realty Austin/Compass Realty Realtor Meleah Wehman standing outside front door closeup


Meleah is a true real estate professional. Her expertise and unwavering support made a world of difference during a challenging time. I've known her for years, and entrusting her with the sale of my late mother's house in Austin was the best decision. Despite the emotional weight of the sale and the complexity due to our remote location (out of state) and legal intricacies, Meleah handled everything with grace and patience. A minor was on the deed (not a good idea, but it’s something my mom did for some reason), and every step of the process required significant attention to detail and understanding of the law. She went above and beyond, regularly checking on the house (which was across town from her), coordinating repairs, and even liaising with the courts on our behalf. Her exceptional team and network of professionals are amazing. She knows the market and priced the property right, held an open house, negotiated multiple offers, and communicated effectively with everyone involved. Also, she was very responsive to calls and emails - which is rare these days. Meleah’s abilities and dedication are truly commendable. Highly recommend!

Stacy Dalton

Meleah was such a huge help in finding my home in Austin area! I was overseas and wanted to get it done within two months! She worked so hard to help me find the right home within my wants and budget! I am glad I found her.

Abdel Nader

Due to a serious health crisis, we were forced to put our house on the market right after interest rates began to skyrocket. Initially we listed with another agent who had represented us during two previous moves. Unfortunately the house sat on the market for more than six months, and we were stuck paying bills on two properties while we waited for the right buyer to come along. When the opportunity arose, we contacted Meleah and hired her to sell our old home. Despite a 'slow' selling environment for upmarket homes, she managed to drum up interest in the property and we soon had it under contract. If you want an agent who will hustle to get your home sold, call Meleah Wehman.

Michael Massey

I am writing this email to express how truly grateful we are that you were our realtor. From the very beginning, you treated us like we owned a million-dollar home and gave us all of your support. You were always available to talk or text even on your vacation haha! We trusted your judgment and appreciated you guiding us through the home-buying process. Meleah your professionalism, kindness, and experience made us feel at ease with you on our behalf. We LOVE our new home and can't wait to spend the holidays here. Our boys have already made friends two houses down and our dog simply loves her new big backyard.
Thank you for all your hard work!

Jane Alvis

Meleah is the very best realtor I have ever worked with. Many reasons for this comment. She is a lovely individual, gentle, well spoken and very knowledgeable. She never followed us around when we got in to see a home, rather let us roam around and look at stuff, explore the yard etc. But she was always near enough that if we had a question she would answer it. Most importantly, she showed us homes at or less than the price we had set, very unusual, since most realtors show you homes that are higher priced. We spent two half days with her and found a home we liked in the area we had discussed looking for one. She was recommended to us by our daughter, a nurse practitioner who lives in Austin, which is why we are moving from Wimberley. When we told her how much we liked Meleah her response was that she was no ordinary realtor as she has a law degree and is smart! Very true! Another facet that makes Meleah stand out is the fact that she told us she would continue to help after we had settled on a home, and she and Nicole have been extremely proactive in that regard. Sent us names of Inspectors, reminders of things we needed to do next. As we were closing, she kept us apprised of what the sellers were doing, and then it was all done. I personally look forward to getting to know her better after we move.


Meleah is fantastic. We have worked with three different realtors now (different states) and we wish we could take Meleah with us every where we go! We have worked with her selling two homes and purchasing one we built. She helped us sell quickly in a slower market. She is extremely responsive. She has helped our friends and many first time home buyers be successful. She is excellent with negotiating and guiding us through the process no matter what the market is doing or what the inspection report says. She has your best interest in mind and customizes her negations and marketing approach to your individual needs. This last sell was extra challenging for us since we have a 14 month old and are moving 800 miles north. Even with the extra stresses Meleah helped us stay focused, calm, and get everything done. We will continue to recommend her to all our Austin contacts and if we ever find ourselves in the Austin area again we will definitely be reaching out.

Chrissy Williams

We've used Meleah before and she was truly incredible both times! She truly sets the standard for what a great realtor should be and we're sad we cannot use her in the future since we relocated to Iowa but will continue to recommend her to our family and friends in Austin.

James Williams

We were so grateful that you could be the agent handling their housing transactions. There is absolutely no one else we would trust my Daughter and Son-in-law to so it was never a question. As always, you repeatedly proved why you are always the first choice and the only choice for us. You handled every concern and challenge that came up with the upmost integrity, speed and professionalism. You are extremely patient, industrious, thorough and creative throughout the long process in this slower housing market. They could not have had a better Realtor. They are absolutely delighted with the results and as their loving parents, so are we. Thank you sincerely for all that you have done to bring this about in such a positive way. We look forward to being able to recommend you to any and all those that may be seeking a truly professional realtor and housing expert.

Pete & Mary Testone

Meleah is fantastic. We have worked with three different realtors now (different states) and we wish we could take Meleah with us every where we go! We have worked with her selling two homes and purchasing one we built. She helped us sell quickly in a slower market. She is extremely responsive. She has helped our friends and many first time home buyers be successful. She is excellent with negotiating and guiding us through the process no matter what the market is doing or what the inspection report says. She has your best interest in mind and customizes her negations and marketing approach to your individual needs.This last sell was extra challenging for us since we have a 14 month old and are moving 800 miles north. Even with the extra stresses Meleah helped us stay focused, calm, and get everything done.
We will continue to recommend her to all our Austin contacts and if we ever find ourselves in the Austin area again we will definitely be reaching out.

Chrissy Williams

We had a short timetable to find a condo. Meleah worked quickly and had several for us to tour in one afternoon. It was clear one was going to fit and we began negotiations right away. Inspections were scheduled and a few short days later we had a contract at a fair price. Meleah was diligent studying HOA, condo rules and requirements to make sure there were no surprises. We have worked with Meleah before and will continue to work with her in any and all real estate endeavors. Highly recommend!!

Rob Falgout

Meleah Wehman is an INCREDIBLE REALTOR! She only ever receives the maximum 5 stars on all her reviews across all platforms. Meleah is truly OUTSTANDING so I am joining the crowd in giving her 5 STARS too! 

Lotta Stocker

My wife and I were lucky to work with Meleah when we bought and when we sold our home in Austin, TX. Almost five years apart, she remained engaged and focused on all details of the transaction and we are so grateful she represented us on both deals. She has very strong knowledge of the Austin market and the data driving supply, demand and pricing and is always a friendly voice at every step of the process. Above all she is a professional realtor who managed to remove any of our anxieties as we approached closing day on our home this year. We wholly recommend Austinites, those from out of town and including out-of-country buyers and sellers (like us) to work with Meleah. She is awesome!

C Stocker

I can't say enough great things about how amazing it was to work with Meleah Wehman. Not only did she help us sell our home really fast and at asking in this competitive Austin market, she also worked just as hard to help me find a rental. She was always available, flexible, timely, friendly, knowledgeable and attentive to our needs and concerns throughout the entire process. She knows her stuff, has excellent credentials and is constantly staying abreast of the latest in the Austin real estate scene. Furthermore, she is empathetic with an outstanding work ethic and will work hard for you. She is very professional but I also trust her like I would a good friend! Hire her if you get the opportunity, you will be grateful that you did!

Anu P.

As a first-time home buyer and first-generation home buyer, I had no idea what to expect from the home-buying experience and few people to lean on along the way. After doing a little research, I decided to work with Meleah due to her award-winning background, professionalism, and multiple glowing reviews. My first home-buying experience has been a beautiful dream come true. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for being there to look out for me on this part of my journey. I really hope to be able to work with you again as I look to build and expand my portfolio.

Cathryn Baker

I would just like to let you know how great Meleah was to work with. This is the second home I have used her on. She is always very professional and quick to get answers when I have questions. While I know I’m not the easiest to work with at times she always does everything to get me to the closing table with the best deal I can get. She is definitely an asset to your team, and I will continue to use her on all future real estate investments. Thanks again to her and Realty Austin for making this process easy and exciting for both my family and me!

Chris Packer

Meleah has been a reliable resource since the day that we initially made contact six years ago. She helped us to purchase our home in round rock Texas. We found a small property for storage that wasn’t a high dollar amount, but she still gave professional communication and was very attentive to my needs. Meleah never forgets our purchase anniversary or holidays. Meleah always updates current housing trends and market projections to keep us updated. She has a customer for life. We will use her for all of our real estate needs.

Michael Bigasan

Meleah was AMAZING. As first-time home buyers the process was extremely intimidating in the beginning. Our good friends suggested Meleah and we are so happy we decided to work with her. Every step of the way she was supportive and constantly advocated with other agents and builders to make sure our needs were met.

Madison Segovia

Meleah has been a true asset for us in beginning our real estate business. She is very helpful and always ready to help us get the information we need. Her knowledge about many things have come into play, and her willingness to work for us has been a blessing.

Israel Avila

Meleah is the finest agent I have ever known. She was my buyer's agent when I bought my condo and my seller's agent when I sold it. I will refer her to any and all.

Bill Ford

Meleah is top-notch in her profession without a doubt!!!

Rick Mannella

I am very thankful that I was referred to Meleah. I was not located in the Austin area at the time of my search. Meleah was always responsive, knowledgeable and offered to look at any house that I wanted. This was not an easy time to buy, and she was respectful on how she communicated the competitiveness of the Austin market to me. We put offers in on several houses with no success due to the winning bids being so high above asking. She never lost patience, always kept cool, and handled the whole process in the most professional way possible. She gave me great advice to consider the purchase of a new home, and I walked into a lot of equity upon closing thanks to this advice. It worked out really, really well. In short, I’m unsure how you could get a better buyer’s agent than her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering a house in the area. Of course, if I ever purchase another home in the area, she’ll be the first one I contact. I really enjoyed working with her. She’s a high performer, and judging by my experience, likely one of your top agents—a total pro.

Aaron Klimisch

We have worked with Meleah for several transactions the past several years, and there is NO ONE I would rather work with. If you asked me how is Meleah with regards to customer service, I would say THE BEST. If you asked me how is Meleah in terms of care and commitment, I would say THE BEST. If you asked me how is Meleah in terms of professionalism, I would say THE BEST. Meleah is truly special at what she does and is always a pleasure to work with, and my family and I are truly grateful (even my kids love Meleah)

Ron Windon

Meleah was great! I felt comfortable with her and the whole process. She is definitely an asset to your team and Adriane and I would use her again and will recommend her to friends/family if they are needing a realtor!

Kyle Nelson

What could we say about Meleah Wehman? Honestly, there aren’t enough kind words to give an evaluation of her. She definitely has provided us with exemplary, personalized service that exceeded our expectations. Meleah’s attention to detail, replying to our emails immediately, always being there when needed, going above and beyond what we ever expected was so refreshing. She has always been extremely attentive, reliable, and honest. We have the utmost respect for her. We will be more than happy to recommend her to a friend or relative if the occasion arises. Her work ethic is impeccable, and that was very impressive. We truly appreciated having her as our realtor. 

Terri & Mark Ulinski

Meleah was absolutely amazing to work with, on both the selling of my old house and the very lengthy build process of my new home.  Meleah supplied me with so much good information to prep my old house for market and she took the time to walk through it several times to make sure it was ready.  Her knowledge of the ins and outs of the whole process from preparing to sell, negotiating offers, the inspection process, the lease-back process, etc. was beyond valuable.  She was always quick to answer any questions I had, regardless of the day or time the questions were asked. 

Sharon Sturgeon

We appreciate Meleah’s help so much for the last 2 years. She has always been professional, courteous, and patient with helping us find the dream house we have been waiting for. It has been a long wait, with many houses viewed. Thank you so much for your sticking with us. I will definitely refer Meleah to others.

Denise Kelley

Meleah was great! I already referred her to my mom, Karen Schilffarth, who Meleah already sold her house, and to many others. We will be buying our next house from her within the next 6 months. She’s been great and always there when we needed her or had a question.

Kristin Roberts

Meleah Wehman was a very sweet, helpful, and thoughtful realtor. She answered all my questions. Meleah Wehman was ON IT! She even did the final walk-through on my behalf since I was not able to attend. She didn’t have to do that. It was appreciated!

Deborah Miller

Meleah Wehman is AMAZING! We started our house search pre-covid and decided on a custom build. Once COVID hit, everything changed. The timeline, the sale of our house, babies being born, financial situations, lack of trades, lack of supplies, you name it. Meleah supported us the entire way to ensure we were informed, educated on next steps and expectations, and armed to make smart moves when necessary. I'm very much a type-A person, so Meleah was a perfect realtor. She emailed us or the builder questions/answers before I asked them. Talk about mind reader. She was amazing! Also, the sweetest and best gift giver. If you want the house of your dreams, I'm sure Meleah can get it for you. We are living on vacation in our new home. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Jennifer Miller

Meleah is an absolute treasure and a blessing!!! She is incredibly invested in the happiness of families and their buying/selling experience 🙂 Put your trust in her, and not only will you not regret it, but you will also have the best buying/selling experience of your life! Meleah has been my realtor for MULTIPLE buying/selling transactions, and I would not trust anyone else!!

Kelly L.

I want to say that out of all the realtors my Mother went through in previous situations, Maleah, hands down, took top place. Very professional, good communication, she stayed on top of us with sending emails of reminders, good information, to-dos, offers, and giving her honest opinion. She never steered us in a wrong decision nor gave us bad advice. She is a strong go-getter and will make sure her client represents her when it comes to the house staging and cleanliness. We are happy with the outcome of the sale of the house. We will definitely refer her name around and use her again. 

Kristan Daniels

Our recent experience with Meleah Wehman was nothing short of excellent. Meleah is a very professional agent. She was always in the know about any issues or questions regarding our purchase of a home. Her advice and guidance were by far one of the most pleasant parts of the home buying experience in today's hectic market. Her communication was crisp, accurate, and very timely. She understood our needs and objectives, and she worked tirelessly to deliver as many choices and options that were spot on. She truly has a gift of knowing her clients and their needs well. We were very satisfied with working with her. We would rate Meleah as A++, and that comes from having worked with professionals for over 40 years. I will have no problem recommending Meleah to any others seeking competent, professional, personalized help in the housing market.

Pete Testone

Meleah is awesome. Very pleasant to work with. She will for sure be kept in mind for future opportunities and will be glad to refer her services to others. She conducted herself very professionally, kept us informed, and provided the necessary tools that we needed in the preparation of selling our home. She also provided dinner and gifts at the end.

Angela Daniels

Meleah Wehman is an exemplary agent. Knowledge and Patience are two of her top qualities. Her guidance throughout the selling process was appreciated. She made our selling experience smooth and easy. She answered all my questions with knowledge and grace. We will work with her in the future.

Linda Avila

Meleah was very good to work with. She was very professional and very knowledgeable. Meleah was always available when we had questions, and she answered all our questions.

Guadalupe Gonzalez

I’m sure this comes as no surprise that our experience with Meleah was nothing short of awesome! Meleah is the consummate professional with a natural ability to connect with people personally. I am so grateful that she consistently finds time for us and is available when needed. Meleah is the cornerstone of our success as investors, and there’s no one I would rather partner with than Meleah.

Ron Windon

Meleah was awesome. I would enlist her services again.
Paul Findell

I went through 2 realtors until I was fortunate to find Meleah. She is very organized, knowledgeable, listens carefully to what you want, and knows what you want when you are searching for property. Meleah was instrumental in helping the buying process easier and stress-free. I do not like reading contracts and doing all the "legal" things involved in purchasing property, and she simplified it for me and took it off my hands, which brings me to my other point, trusting her because she is so professional and experienced. She was also able to get my inspections and everything else needs in a timely fashion and kept me informed every step of the way. She always responded quickly to any questions and always offered answers and solutions! And one more thing, she was always calm, patient, supportive, and kind as making a great investment purchase of your life is not always so easy. I give Meleah an 11 out of 10! Thank you forever for helping me find my home!

S. Ussher

Meleah Wehman is the best. In a very busy market, she got all the necessary inspections done quickly. She negotiated numerous contract changes, including seller concessions. Like any anxious buyer, I had a million questions, which I emailed to Meleah. She always responded quickly and usually had already solved the problem. If you want the best, I strongly recommend Meleah Wehman.

B. Ford

We were referred to Meleah by a friend, and we are so glad! From the get-go, Meleah was on top of it. She took every want and needed that we were looking for in a house and made it happen. Being out of state, we were worried at first, but our minds were immediately put at ease once Meleah started giving us all the information we needed to move forward. A little over two weeks, and we were under contract. Without Meleah and her negotiating skills, we wouldn’t have gotten the house we got! She is very knowledgeable and was always quick to respond. Grateful, we had her as our Realtor!

T. Matthews

After Meleah was instrumental in finding us our land to build our dream house, we enlisted her again to sell our current house. Adding to the complexity, we listed the house at the very beginning of the COVID lockdown. None of this mattered to Meleah. She was prepared for the unique selling environment and took all precautions to keep clients and us safe. Meleah added additional pictures and marketing to make sure our house was accurately represented and stayed on top of every detail. We received an offer for almost listing price within four days. I'm convinced this would never happen with another Realtor. Not once during our entire experience did we feel that Meleah had another client. She is always available for questions and very knowledgeable and quick with her answers. Not too many times, I say this is a can't miss, but Meleah is a can't miss. She is the best.

B. Prokaski

Meleah helped me sell my Lakeway home and buy another across town in the Austin suburbs. I interviewed several agents, and she was by far the most organized and proactive in helping me to understand those markets. She helped me to decide what renovations were needed to make my house competitive in the Lakeway market.  Then the race was on to find a new home in the white-hot greater Austin area. Meleah was patient and diligent in helping us to sort through the limited opportunities in a very tight sellers' market. Meleah Wehman is a consummate professional Realtor whom I recommend without hesitation. She's a really nice person, too!


It was wonderful having Ms. Wehman as my agent during this process. She was wonderful, and her assistance was excellent and very invaluable. She ensured I was aware of everything and clear on each step of the process. She followed up with the builder for me and kept me up to date, ensuring everything was done correctly and efficiently. Meleah really made this process so much easier than my previous experience. If, in the future, I have the need for an agent, I will certainly be looking to see if she is available. My congratulations to Meleah and her team for having such wonderful and caring personnel.

Fernando Suarez

Meleah just sold a home of ours and she was great to work with! She is professional, knowledgeable and will stay in constant communication with you throughout the real estate transaction.

Keith S (Carothers Executive Homes)

We were lucky enough to be paired with Meleah Wehman, and she definitely went above and beyond all our expectations. It was a long process as we lived in NY, and we were trying to move to TX for about 3+ years. She stayed true to us the entire time, checking up on us to see if anything had changed on our end, how things were going, and sent us personalized home searches. We finally wrapped up all our responsibilities in NY and were able to come to TX to look at homes this year. She planned a very well organized schedule, and in October, we looked at about 12 houses in 2 days. She listened to our needs and was very understanding, asked us what we really wanted in our dream home, and did not push us one way or another. She gave her honest opinion about questions we had pertaining to each house and was extremely knowledgeable about everything down to what kind of grass the lawn had.  Meleah is by far the best Realtor out there, and anyone would be lucky to be paired with her, we are forever grateful. Thank you!

Anala and Scott Giguere

Meleah is a FANTASTIC Realtor! She is kind, knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough! Wouldn't imagine ever using anyone else and Realty Austin is very lucky to have her on their team! She sold our house in literally a day or two!! Kudos!

James Edward Williams Jr.

We worked with Meleah Wehman and cannot thank her enough for not only helping us get our dream home but for helping us do so with incredible kindness while we relocated from across the country! Meleah was with us every step of the way from our initial home search to closing. Her knowledge of the Austin area played a key part in our move to Texas. She made herself readily available for any questions and always responded in a timely manner. Without Meleah's advice and service, we would not have gotten the property that we so proudly call our home today!

Rose Puleo- Kriens

My husband and I moved from California to Texas and had to buy a house remotely, which came with an additional set of challenges. Meleah was wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable in the real estate industry as well as supported us every step of the way. It's difficult to purchase a home, let alone when you are in a different state. She was always available to us via phone and email, which made the process a lot easier. She was quick, insightful, and provided us with homes that matched what we were looking for perfectly. We bought homes before, but this was by far the most enjoyable and smoothest process. Thank you Meleah!!!!!!! We love our new house. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home in the Austin TX area.

Nadya P.

I am so glad I found Meleah Wehman. She was amazing. I even recommended her to my sister, who also used her as her Realtor. We live out of state, and knowing we had Meleah to represent us in our transaction locally gave us peace of mind. She went above and beyond. She attended our inspection because we were unable to fly in for it. She did an amazing job. She is very responsive and took our calls anytime. I would recommend her to anyone.

Norma G.

Meleah was excellent! I can't say enough about how helpful, responsive, and professional she was during our search and purchase. I tried contacting several other agents before my sister recommended Meleah and the agents either didn't respond or shuffled me off to someone else who also didn't respond. I would highly recommend Meleah to anyone that needs an agent. Not only did she contact me right away when I emailed her, but she also gathered the utility maps and provided other information that we needed to make a final decision on a lot. We were new to buying a lot, and without her guidance, we would have struggled. I have used agents in the past, and Meleah has been the most positive experience thus far. I would contact her again if I ever need another agent. It was a pleasure working with her.

Bianca Bebbington

My spouse and I have bought and sold six homes in the Austin area, all using different agents, and Meleah is without question the best we've ever seen. We recently had a challenging situation with two properties on the market to sell, one offer in to buy, and all the closings having to mesh, and Meleah made it happen seamlessly. She initially priced our property, with personal experience and documentation to back it up, significantly higher than other interviewed agents, and had us three above-list offers by Day 2 of the listing. As an attorney myself, I deeply appreciated her legal background and expertise, as she was able to anticipate and navigate several issues with title companies, lenders, and appraisers. On the personal service side, she never missed a target deadline, never failed to immediately respond to emails (71 in one day!), and always took it upon herself to pre-explain processes such as bank appraisals, surveys, etc. If there were a box for me to check that said \beyond superlative,\" that would be my recommendation for Meleah.

JK Gayle

We just sold and purchased homes with Meleah Wehman for the first time, and had a great experience! She exceeded our expectations with her communication throughout the process, her attention to detail, and her willingness to listen to us, while still weighing in with helpful advice.

Ben Menke

As a real estate investor, I've worked with my fair share of Realtors over the years and partnered with Meleah to recently purchase our 10th property (first one in the Austin market). Meleah is on my concise list of best Realtors I've ever worked with, if not the best (the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced she is the best I've worked with). I intentionally used the word 'partnered' above because of Meleah's proactive and collaborative style, calming yet engaging personality and unwavering professionalism. Throughout the entire process, Meleah made me feel like she had just as much on the line as we (my wife and I) did. She was right there every step of the way and then some.

Ron Windon Jr

We have dealt with a number of realtors over the years moving 8 times across 3 states including an international relo and never have experienced anyone who was more responsive, knowledgeable and professional as Meleah. She is a consummate professional who listens and in turn, provides invaluable insight in support of your needs. We were blessed to have had Meleah assist us in the purchase of our retirement property coming from our of state and knowing nothing about the area. Our daughter and husband were equally pleased with their experience with Meleah resulting in a purchase of a home in Cedar Park. Thank you Meleah - you are a star!

B. Cowley

I would not hesitate to recommend Meleah as a realtor. Beyond her demeanor and understanding of our needs, she was a consummate professional and trusted advisor through our home buying process, her attention to detail and responsiveness are hallmarks of her work. Beyond that, her ability to insulate us a clients did not go unnoticed. She was able to deftly navigate a simultaneous sale and purchase and provide insight and gentle guidance when needed. What's more, she was able to sell our home inside of 30 days and execute flawlessly on a compressed timeframe. All the while, we felt as though we were her only clients.

V. Groat

Most people, when they move home, are relocating to some degree, but many people moving to Austin are completely new to the area. Meleah has lived in Austin all her life, and her knowledge about different areas, builders, schools, and recreation is second to none. Another reason she is so great is that she is an attorney of law and understands the importance of attention to detail, there were no surprises. It felt very safe to have Meleah on our side and using her recommendations of experts in various aspects of the inspection. We really appreciated working with Meleah. When she doesn't know something, she finds out and returns with the answer. She is extremely responsive, thoroughly anchored in the truth, reality with a strong focus on outstanding issues. She effortlessly moves the transaction forward to its conclusion by working in a methodical and inclusive manner, regularly feeding back to us with updates. We successfully signed a contract and moved in 30 days after our offer was accepted. MELEAH IS A REAL PRO!

L. Stocker

I cannot say enough good things about Meleah! As a first time home buyer I had many needs and questions, and Meleah always had a wealth of answers and assistance to give. She was always ready and available to communicate and treated me as a priority and a valued client during every part of the process. If you want to have an easy, efficient home buying experience where you are consistently supported and empowered by your REALTOR, you should absolutely work with Meleah Wehman!

Alex Gotliboski

I am moving to Austin from another state, and Meleah had been amazing! She has gone out of her way to help me in so many ways. She spent an entire Sunday taking me to see many places all in one day while I was in town. Always available to me and all my questions. I was new to the buying process and had lots of questions which she was knowledgeable and patient. I trust completely that she always had my best interest in mind and would be truthful. I highly recommend her for your buying needs. I’m so lucky to have been introduced to her from a friend. She made this process possible. I am so happy!

A. Piuma

Meleah is THE best real estate agent. She is honest, tough, and smart. Thanks to her we were able to get out of a sticky situation and into the house of our dreams. I highly recommend Meleah and feel blessed to have worked with her.

John Ford

Meleah listed and sold our home. She went above and beyond and never missed a detail. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the local market. We are so grateful and loved working with Meleah.

Kristi Powers

I have had the most wonderful experience working with Meleah. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. She is so prompt and efficient in getting documentation or information to me that it made me feel as if I was her top priority. Meleah is also a master of negotiations and has the wisdom and experience and helps her clients make informed decisions. Meleah has been an absolute blessing to me and has turned what would normally be a stressful major decision into an awesome and positive experience.

K. Luna

Can not brag enough on Meleah. We sold our home in Twin Creeks for an all-cash closing and bought a new home in Georgetown in two weeks. We closed at both locations within a month. Her advice was excellent, and she was always available and extremely professional. Her attention to detail was exceptional. She knew what we needed to make our transaction work and did everything she could to make it happen. We would highly recommend her!

R. Funderburk

Meleah has been a blessing in our life! We are first time home-owners and she was very patient with us from the very beginning. She helped us understand all the terminology and logistics of buying a home. Meleah is very precise, efficient, thorough, and professional yet she feels like a friend that is truly trying to help find a home that would best suit our family's needs. We have absolutely loved having Meleah's help and would recommend her to anyone!

Kristi Walker

I cannot say enough great things about Meleah. She made moving and buying a smooth, fun process! She was always so quick to respond about all of our questions or concerns and giving us updates on all feedback we received on our house. She also negotiated and got us way more than we expected in repairs for the house we were buying and even fought and got us a new roof! She is the best! If you are looking for a REALTOR, look no further!

Lyndsey Testone

Meleah worked hard to sell our home during a time when it was a buyer’s market. Her professionalism is unsurpassed. She communicated new marketing ideas and kept us abreast of all activity. I highly recommend her and her team.

D. Follien